Where is Sagan Fondo?

MARCH 21, 2019

As you may be aware, California has experienced unprecedented snowfall in our beautiful Sierra Nevada. We have been working on a number of route and venue contingencies for several weeks to try and find a way to produce the event at the quality we know you expect from Bike Monkey. Due to the magnitude of the current snowpack and our commitment to your experience of the route, we have decided to reschedule.

The new dates are June 6th - 8th, 2019. All ancillary activities will also follow in line with this new weekend.

Due to his busy racing season, this change will prevent Peter Sagan’s ability to partake in this great new race that he helped to create. We were really looking forward to sharing another memorable day on the bike with the three-time World Road Racing champion, yet we understand the circumstances do not work out for Peter’s schedule.

As with any change there come pros and cons. We are shifting the event into a weekend with much more reliable weather and longer days. We will also be avoiding a preexisting conflict for our riding competitors with the popular Belgium Waffle Ride.

The authenticity of the Bike Monkey brand that our customers experience at any event we produce is a crucial factor in our race event production. In light of Peter being unable to attend, and because of our strong relationship with the town of Truckee we decided to continue the event on the new date under the new name “Truckee Dirt Fondo”. With the hundreds of miles of single track and gravel roads, multiple breweries and places to stay that Truckee has to offer, we are stoked to keep the location.

Because of the interdependence that both the dirt and road SaganFondo events share, it made sense for us to postpone the November road edition and work with Peter to take a new approach to a Bike Monkey SaganFondo event series in the future.

We hope that you understand and agree that this is the best course of action in light of the current circumstances and that you’ll consider remaining with us through this change as we charge forward to build upon the event we created with Peter and see it continue to thrive as a pivotal event in one of California’s premier outdoor recreation destinations.


The entire Bike Monkey team.

Refunds and Transfers

If you were previously registered for the May 4th Sagan Fondo and are not able to attend the June 8th Truckee Fondo which that event has become, you can request either a transfer or a refund by completing the refund/transfer form.

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