at Truckee Dirt Fondo

The information on this page is currently evolving as we devise our approach to e-bike integration at Truckee Dirt Fondo and our other events. Please check back closer to the event for further, and more detailed information about e-bike participation at this event.

E-Bike Integration

E-Bikes are officially permitted to compete in their own rank at Truckee Dirt Fondo. But in the spirit of keeping things fun and interesting by evening the playing field, we've made up some rules that will almost certainly evolve over time.

If you are considering racing your e-bike at Truckee Dirt Fondo, here are some of the things you'll need to understand.


Registration for the event is no different. Just fill out the registration form and indicate that you'll be racing an e-bike with the bike selection option. Once registered, we'll follow up with you closer to the event if we need any additional information.

Draft Rules

Here are Bike Monkey's current draft competition rules for the e-bike category of racing at Truckee Dirt Fondo.

Battery Drop Penalties: You may send up to two batteries for your e-bike on-course at one or both of the available battery drop zones. Taking a battery replacement is not mandatory, and in some cases might not be to your advantage. Riders who take a battery replacement will be required to pit in a battery penalty box beside the course for a designated period of time. That penalty will be on-display at these drop zones to remind you before you pit.

Wattage Limit: E-Bikes may not be configured to provide more than 250 watts of pedal assist power.

Pedal Assist Only: Pedal-assist e-bikes are the only e-bikes permitted to compete. Throttle e-bikes are not allowed to compete.


Awards will be given to the top 3 overall men and women in this year's e-bike category on both the medium and long routes for a total of 12 prizes.